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A Cardigan for Rhilyn


I really don’t remember when the idea popped into my head that my daughter needed a cardigan… knit by me. I mean, her BABY blanket still lays unfinished in a box along with all the yarn I need to finish it. I have made her small things here and there, hats mainly but I had seen the little owl-type sweaters before and I kept coming across them so I figured maybe I would make her one someday.

LittleOwlSweaterPerhaps it was when I got my hands on some yarn from Luna Grey Fiber Arts that I knew the cardigan would need to be made much quicker than originally thought. I stumbled upon Jackie’s etsy shop just by chance when I was looking for some thick-n-thin yarn for a photography prop I was designing. I received the yarn super fast and I fell in love with it. I made the prop and went on my way, keeping her yarn in the back of my mind for future projects. Meanwhile, Jackie was in the process of moving her entire shop over to her own website, migrating away from etsy. Once she launched she had a coupon code for a discount on your next purchase so it was a perfect time for me to try out another yarn in her line. I choose “supernova.” I don’t know why and I didn’t know what I would use it for.


My hank of supernova in the colorway marquesas sat in my stash for a little while. It was oh so soft and very beautiful, I wanted to wait and use it on just the right thing. Finally I decided to use it for a brand new design for my own shop, my newborn cable rompers (below). This was the yarn that my little Rhilyn’s sweater was to be made out of, but I didn’t know it yet.


Photography provided by © Elm Circle Photography.

LittleOwlSweater-3I had e-mailed Jackie wanting to ask her opinion on the right yarn to use. I had a couple in mind, but I wanted to get her opinion on it first before I spent that kind of money on yarn. (Don’t get me wrong, now I know the yarn is WELL WORTH it’s price but I was sweating bullets… just a little). We passed a few e-mails between us and it was determined that supernova was perfect for the job. Not only is it great for children’s knits but coincidentally I had already gotten perfect gauge: the gauge I got with the rompers was the same gauge that was called for in the cardi pattern I choose. So, I guess it was just meant to be.


Speaking of the pattern, it is the Baby Owl Yoke Cardigan pattern by Abby Belnap which you can find on (or just click the link above). This is a great pattern, well written and easy to follow. It comes in newborn all the way up to 3T.


The easiest part in all of this was probably the color. Jackie has so many colors to choose from especially if you are using her custom dyed-to-order option but, I knew I wanted some sort of a muted or mustard yellow… and wouldn’t you know she had the perfect colorway called “honeycomb.” She didn’t have any supernova yarn dyed up in this color but I placed my order at the end of the week, she dyed it over the weekend, and my yarn was at my doorstep the following week. Spectacular! And I ripped into that package like a child on Christmas morning.


I immediately got it on the needles and it didn’t take long to complete at all. I followed the pattern exactly for the 3T size except for the button band which I modified just a little. All my of project notes can be viewed here. This was my first knitted cardigan and I am very pleased with how it turned out. It is a bit big as I anticipated but I wanted her to be able to wear it for a few seasons.


So now, Rhilyn has a little cardigan; a keepsake made by her Momma’s own two hands… a LOT of love went into it and I can only hope will get passed down from generation to generation for years to come. And now, I need to go ice this wrist of mine 😉

As always, thank you for reading and looking and I will say goodnight with my favorite photo of all  😀