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Christmas Pajama Party


Today we had a little fun and stayed in our PJ’s all day which was very much warranted. As they always do, the weekend went way too fast and I find myself dreading tomorrow morning which is nothing out of the norm. Laying around wasting the morning away is on the top of my to-do list for Saturdays (and Sunday too this week) and this little one seems not to mind too much either.


I wanted to shoot her Christmas photos yesterday but I just never got the ambition. Instead, this morning I woke up excited to do them and so after I did some much needed housework (Rhilyn hanging out in her bean bag chair watching a horsey movie) I started mulling around looking for a few things I could use. I knew I wanted to do PJ themed Christmas photos this year with a more cozy look instead of the more formal ones I did last year (below).


Although I think they were beautiful, the ones I did this year were much more fun and reflect who I am as a person and artist.


Our bed sheets are red flannel and the green throw pillows  also live on our bed so I got lucky there. I had a white down comforter I threw on and then finished it off with a beautiful afghan that my Grandma Geffers made, the ONLY afghan she made. In fact, If I’m not mistaken it was the only thing she crocheted. My Mom said after she finished it she said it was the first and last time she would ever make one. Needless to say, with me being the crochet and knit lover that I am (ESPECIALLY granny squares), I treasure this afghan that much more. It may be some of the gaudiest colors out there but it makes me smile. Once I pulled the photos into photoshop, I played around and turned the orange squares red and the yellow squares green to keep with the theme a little better but, truth be told I like the blanket as-is and decided to not tamper with it’s original colors to preserve the memory better.


The teal tray also clashes a little but it’s another heirloom. It belonged to my Great Aunt Betty and it was something I picked out from her home when she had to move into assisted living. The Santa Clause mug was something I had in my cupboard and of course we can’t have a Christmas-themed pajama party without the milk & cookies!


Insert fart noise here, to get this reaction!


I am such a lover of color and uncharacteristic combinations, so as these photos may pain someone else to look at, really they feed my soul and I had a hard time feeling connected to the photos that I converted to B&W. But……………….


I did love this photo in B&W almost as equally as it’s color twin. (The milk in the pitcher is totally fake… I wouldn’t be that silly to place milk on a tray, on a bed, on which a toddler would jump on) 😉



We have to throw a little blooper in there. I tried to get her to put her head in her hands but that didn’t exactly work. But this is so her, and that’s how I want to remember it.


After our milk and cookies, we had to have some “sleepy time.” Even though our bedroom is pretty dim, the two windows on the one wall provided decent light on this overcast day.


Those baby blues kill me every time.






As I write this with Rhilyn on my lap she gleefully just sang “loooook at me hiiiiiding!” Does this one need any other caption?


I almost trashed this photo and the next one because they are blurry but… after looking at them again I thought, no. This moment was fun, and fast, and crazy so it’s okay (okay for me) that these aren’t in focus. Quite honestly a lot of our life is lived out-of-focus so this photo is perfect. 🙂


Happy, silly girl.










And we had to end the photoshoot with some old fashioned fun jumping on the bed. I’d say she gets some pretty good air for a 2 year old 😉 As always, thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our afternoon creating this year’s Christmas photos.