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Justine | Senior {Class of 2015}

02-BW-webBack in early October, a friend at work approached me about doing her step-daughter’s senior photos. This beautiful young lady is Justine, and I had a lot of fun creating these images for them!

07-webShe had a variety of settings in mind, but primarily she wanted “urban” with the brick walls, railroad tracks, and the pretty autumn leaves as backdrop. I think we covered all locations pretty well.


11-BW-webShe was so easy to work with and was such a natural.





21-webAnd this one was a favorite among many, and I have to agree it’s up there towards the top for me too!









47-webThis was another favorite of mine. The rustic log, the boulders, the wildflowers, and of course a pretty girl all top this image off.

Tomorrow night I (hopefully) will be sharing another senior session from October, my cousin who happens to be Justine’s best friend. Little by little I will get this blog caught up and current!

Thanks for looking!






Jackson is Five Months

Do you remember this little guy?? Well, he’s my little buddy. Jackson will turn ONE in just a couple of months. We have started to gather some ideas for his cake smash session because you better believe that we are doing one. It took me forever to get his newborn photos blogged, and now it has taken me a long time to get these updated pics blogged too. We took these back in September when he was 5 months old, over at his (my sister’s) place. Turned out… there were some pretty cool areas over there for photos!


web3Mr. Smiley Pants.



web6I do believe Mr. Jack tooted which made everybody laugh.



web10There was some definite head-swapping and hands photoshopped out of this one.

web11Look at that sweet round face!

web12Beautiful family!

web13Jackson kept trying to pull his sister’s hair 🙂


That’s it my friends! Soon you’ll be seeing more of this cute face once we do his cake smash session. Hmmmmmmm decisions decisions…………