Justine | Senior {Class of 2015}

02-BW-webBack in early October, a friend at work approached me about doing her step-daughter’s senior photos. This beautiful young lady is Justine, and I had a lot of fun creating these images for them!

07-webShe had a variety of settings in mind, but primarily she wanted “urban” with the brick walls, railroad tracks, and the pretty autumn leaves as backdrop. I think we covered all locations pretty well.


11-BW-webShe was so easy to work with and was such a natural.





21-webAnd this one was a favorite among many, and I have to agree it’s up there towards the top for me too!









47-webThis was another favorite of mine. The rustic log, the boulders, the wildflowers, and of course a pretty girl all top this image off.

Tomorrow night I (hopefully) will be sharing another senior session from October, my cousin who happens to be Justine’s best friend. Little by little I will get this blog caught up and current!

Thanks for looking!






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