Nathan | {Class of 2015}

03-webWow I failed miserably, promising to post this guy’s photos the night after I posted Justine’s senior photos! This is my cousin, Nathan. When he was just a toddler, his mom babysat for my sister and I for a couple summers. I could tell some stories… but I won’t :).

On the evening of his session it was pretty overcast out. I typically like to shoot with beautiful sunlight but I really think the clouds served as a giant soft box for Nathan’s photos and gave them a nice feel to them. I was happy to capture this young man for him and his family, after all you’re only a senior once!


15-webSometimes direct light can be flattering. Thankfully the sky filled with clouds allowed me to face him in the direction of the sun and get this shot of the tree framing him in!


23-webLove the colors!




36-webPossibly this photo ^ is my favorite from the whole session (hence why I have three photos of the same location here). But……

57-webThis one could be my favorite too! It’s a tie! And I know this one was one of Nathan’s favorites too.


70-webAnd I had to throw just one in here from the second half of his session at the dance studio. So this is a fav too! I can’t help it!

Thanks for looking, as always! I hope you loved your photos as much as I loved creating them for you, Nathan!







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