A Day Out With My Girl

web1Last week, my girl and I had a whole day to ourselves so we braved the cold and headed out for a day on the town. She didn’t seem to mind the snow at all and the fresh air, sunshine, and blue skies did provide a little bit of therapy.

web2She just had to wear her pink boots (although they’re two sizes too big right now).

web3When I told her we were going for pizza, she was soo so excited. Pizza seems to be her favorite food and we go once and a great while as a treat (pizza is my favorite too).


web5web6web7web8web9web11Can we talk about this light in the pizzeria?!

web12web13web14So, you think that I took enough pictures?

Once we had a bite to eat (and I’ll have you know that little miss RDP ate her WHOLE piece of pizza minus the crust) we walked next door to where I work to say hi to the girls. Rhilyn got a cookie and sat at my desk and colored my desk calendar 🙂 She’s such a peach…

These moments are so fleeting and although some people may not understand why I take pictures of EVERYTHING -even ordinary things and events- someday years from now I am going to be thankful that I took so many pictures of our day to day life, because they will be there to bring me back to that day, that memory with more clarity than without a photograph.

Thanks for reading!




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