Jackson Cecil Morris B. – One Year Old!


Not too long ago, I was present to watch this little man be born into this world. At first my sister didn’t really want anyone extra present during his birth but that changed and she even asked me to take some birth photographs. Those photos are still some of my favorites photos I’ve ever taken and I think what draws me to them is the raw emotion seen. I’ve said it before, but lifestyle photography is hands down my favorite “style” of photography. Anyone can pose in front of a camera and look pretty, but it’s about remembering the feelings; being able to look at a photo and have the memories wash over to you. Those photos represent just that, the hype of a newborn’s birthday and the emotions that surround it: excitement, anticipation, nervousness, strength, happiness, and so many more. I also took video during her labor & delivery and put together a mini movie for her to always have. As a matter of fact I watched it again the other day, and it’s so moving. I would never ask her to share it publicly because it’s such a personal, private, and tender moment but I still secretly want to share a few (tasteful) images from that day… still have to pluck up the courage to ask that one (oops… I think I just did). 🙂

But, back to the present, a few weeks back Shelley & I were over at our Mom’s farm with the kids and we headed out at sunset to do a One Year Session with Jack Jack, and also sneak in a few shots of both the kids that I used as a mother’s day gift. But, before I start sharing those you can find Jackson’s previous photoshoots below!

Newborn session HERE
Five month session HERE


Just want to eat him up!


Cheese face!


I was kinda walking in circles trying to figure out where I wanted to shoot. It was before any of the trees really blossomed so there weren’t a lot of pretty locations but this spot pretty much hit me on the head when I walked past a row of tall skinny pines and there it was, glorious light and all.



He has a very serious side too.







My favorite of the night!





And here’s a few shots of Jackson and Rhilyn together.




This one cracks Shelley & I up. So cute!


And finally, one of Grandma and her babies. 🙂

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