Off To Neverland

I introduced Rhilyn to one of the Walt Disney classics a week or so ago, one of my favorites as a child, Peter Pan. Ever since, whenever we head outside to play our backyard becomes Neverland. She runs around looking for Captain Hook and Tinkerbell, hops aboard the Jolly Roger to sail the skies & seas, and of course uses pixie dust to fly. But before setting forth to the second star on the right, we had to get some other playtime out of the way…



Have you ever seen such a sight? Mowing the grass in a dress and heels.


Of course it’s probably just the bubbles that pop out of the mower that she loves.





Not sure what she was doing here quite honestly… Looks like a somersault but she never made it up and over.



And now for the fun!


Gasp… I think she’s spotted Tinker Bell! Off to go catch her!


Got her! She shook some pixie dust into her hand, blew it off and cried “PIXIE DUST AWAY!”


And she’s off and flying!!!! (Cue Peter Pan music… “Off to Neverland”).


She’s made it safely to Neverland and has boarded the Jolly Roger, except I’m afraid Captain Hook is no where to be found…


Looking for Hook…


… but she’s spotted Mr. Crocodile whom she fears has ate the codfish Captain!

And it was at this point she was getting hungry herself, so we flew the Jolly Roger back home and retired inside for some dinner. Until next time!

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