Fun With the “G” Kids! [June 2015 Family Session]

These four princes and one lone princess kept me on my toes! I first spoke with their Mommy over the phone when our Pastor at church suggested I speak with her because we shared some things in common. I just remember her being so open and easy to talk to and I loved that! She asked me to do a session for her to get some updated photos on her wall since they grow so fast! After rescheduling due to weather, we were finally able to get together the first part of June and even then it threatened rain. The sun peeked through when I first got there but it hid the rest of the session.blog18

I would like you to meet these guys! Such a sweet bunch and it was a lot of fun to run around their yard with them, capturing them in their “natural habitat.”



The two youngest are twins and oh so adorable!


This fella is very dapper and is such a great help to Momma. I loved watching him interact and help with the twins.


“G” is such a little personality and he made me laugh. He was very proud to show me his collection of toy trains and box cars.


“T” was not happy at the whole idea of photos but towards the end he warmed up and was playing ball with me. I eventually did get a smile, even if it was squinty-eyed 😉


The twins were the easiest to please. Mr. “C” was pretty darn smiley the entire time and just look at that smirk!


And finally, let’s just say that Princess “P” will have a lot of protection growing up with four older brothers, and she is the prettiest little thing! I loved her bright blue eyes 🙂


After the more formal-ish photos, it was play time. We chased chickens, put grass on big brother’s hair, played ball, and made silly faces.






Even the family dog got in on the pictures!


Mom had this really cute idea for the twinnies! I don’t think they were looking very please, haha. Look at her expression!



And we finished up the night in their library and snapped a few in there. I think at this point they were all ready to be done (well, except those adorable little things in the middle). It was great to be able to spend the evening with these great kids and their Momma, and I hope I was able to create some memories for them to have and look back upon years from now 🙂


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