Waiting for Madelynn {Maternity}


This is my beautiful sister. You’ve seen her face around my blog before (like HERE for her last maternity session back in February 2014). That day was extremely cold and we didn’t last very long out there. I was not wanting another frigid maternity session (and I am sure Shelley appreciated that) so we choose a mild fall day to shoot her maternity session.


Like many times before, we took a walk across the road and down the right-a-way; the land that my parents own. Everywhere you turn there’s another beautiful spot, it’s this photographer’s dream location. The sun is in the perfect spot for sunset sessions and everyone knows how much I love light.



In the photo above, Shelley is standing in what used to be a hay field. My Grandfather used to own this property (and my uncle before him) so during those times we used to cut and bale our own hay for the horses. Now the fields are sadly overrun with weeds and briar bushes but they do make for pretty backdrops. I love the contrast of her blue shirt against the reds and yellows.



This is another magical spot on the property. There is a creek that runs parallel to the land and along the edge of the 3rd field there’s a small bank. On the other side and behind a wall of trees and vines, there’s a very small clearing that is just beautiful. It’s right next to the water and there’s just enough room for a picnic table and a few chairs. This shot was taken here and the direct light peeking through a pathway illuminated Shelley.



This is one of the paths that lead to the spot next to the river.




This is another favorite spot. It’s a perfect balance of open shade with a touch of backlighting through the trees in the background. Oh, and of course my beautiful sister 😀


One (of many) of my favorites.



This area was not thought of when I originally planned out the session, but while walking back to the house the old tree caught my eye and this spot turned out to have the best light.






Once back to the house Shelley ran inside to get Mike and Jackson for a few shots together.



I love this shot of Jackson and Daddy 🙂




With her due date just a day or two ago, we are trying to patiently wait for sweet Madelynn’s arrival. I’m secretly hoping that it’s not this weekend because I have a nasty cold and she’s going to need some Auntie snuggles 😉 Hope you love your images Shelley! Thank you for being so patient with me.


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