Christmas Minis with Cousins {Part 1}


Whaddayaknow? More familiar faces! I took family photos before the littlest was even thought of (They are HERE), and before that Caleb’s first birthday photos. The little kids are no longer little kids, WOW! These 4 cuties are my cousins and I’m proud to say that! I wanted to give their Momma some updated photos of her kiddos this year, and Christmas is always a perfect time to do this.




The first born: quiet, reserved, observant, rational. This is how I think of Aidan.


The only blue-eyed kiddo of the bunch… he get’s that from his Momma.


Vivi is strong, passionate, caring and giving. She’s going to be a leader someday.


Her deep chocolate eyes tell a story.


This kid… he’s the jokester. I don’t think he knows he is being funny but he is the class clown. Athletic, honest, true. That’s Caleb.



And the baby, Cadence. I don’t know her very well yet but one thing that comes to mind is that she has the most precious cherub face.


Oh yeah, and she loves to eat her fingers. She thinks them tasty!


And coincidentally Rhilyn’s PJ’s from the night before matched the other kids’ so we grabbed a couple shots of the 4 bigger kiddos enjoying some cut-out cookies. Not one serious face from her…


Stay tuned for part 2, which is Christmas mini photos with our other cousins!



3 thoughts on “Christmas Minis with Cousins {Part 1}

  1. You know your girl looks kind of wild and eccentric with that smile, and all those jewels and hair bows she’s wearing ….lol lol She’s so much fun !!

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