3.5 Years Old {RDP – June 2016}


I’ve had to do some major overhauling on my blog this morning because I ran out of storage space. So, if you’ve been a long time reader or if you go searching through the archives, you may notice that many blog posts from the early years are now gone. I have only kept a select few before 2015. I was unable to share these lovely photos of our daughter because I couldn’t get them uploaded (until now) 😉 So moving forward, here are a few of my favorites from a little time spent with my sweetie pie down on my Mom’s land.


I really wanted to get out there and snap some shots before all of the wild phlox died. These are my favorite early summer flower… they smell so amazing and are equally pretty.





There was also some sword fighting involved on this day. Of course, it was Capt. Hook she was fighting as he had captured Tinker Bell!



And down into the creek we went, or the “waterfalls” as she calls it.



Helping hand from Grandma.


Even Octane had a cool off (and she never gets in the water)!


And this is the sunset we were able to witness… truly beautiful.


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