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July 1st Swelter [personal post]

07-01 blog 02

The first day of July is almost over and BOY it was a hot weekend. I guess you could say summer came in with a bang. We don’t have central air in our home, (only AC units for the bedrooms) so we had to get along with old fashion fans throughout the house. It was OK though, Grandma & Grandpa Barrett opened their pool yesterday and just in time too! RDP didn’t waste ANY time trying it out. I even got in half-way because I couldn’t stand to sit there in the sun and the water was actually pleasantly warm.

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She swam for the good part of an hour, and then went inside to try to stay cool with H2O and a bologna sammich of course! You can’t keep her down for long though because soon afterward she was back outside dancing in the street (it’s one-way and very quiet… I was right there too). Grandpa was trying to listen to some oldies but Rhilyn chimmed in: “Alexa, play Boomerang by JoJo Siwa!” And away she went twirling.

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You just can’t end a 99 degree day without some ice cream though and I have developed quite a fondness for a peanut butter extreme sundae at a local ice cream stand. Rhilyn enjoys a variety and chooses different each time but I can’t bring myself to do it.

07-01 blog ice cream 0807-01 blog ice cream 08-2

She has said a number of times now that she wants to be an author & illustrator when she grows up. I kinda hope that sticks, but for now I’m really enjoying watching her creativity flow. She brings books and a pencil with her almost everywhere and I’ll never tell her no. It was so adorable watching (and listening) to her write her story on the bench at the ice cream stand.

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We pull into the drive way and I look back… she’s still writing away. . . Perhaps maybe someday we’ll be reading something of hers.



Springtime at the Farm [personal post]

05-26 blog 01

There is this place where all of my worries melt away; where the stress floats away from shoulders if only temporary. Take a walk down the quiet road and pause at the bridge to watch the water peacefully flow underneath. Or perhaps you’re more of a barefoot gal -like myself- who likes to take a stroll in the woods, under the cover of the foliage wholly appreciating all that nature has to offer.
… like the soft grass and moss under your toes
… like the twigs breaking under your weight
… like the birds cheerfully chirping, singing their song
… like the intoxicating scent of the wild honeysuckle
… like the honeybees buzzing around, hard at work
… like the rabbits scampering, toads hopping, turtles sinking back into the water.
If you’re really feeling adventurous you can have a go at swinging. For some reason my daughter has no trouble with it but for me it’s a game I have to play every time – to get sick or not to get sick! I’d much rather duck under the fence and go say hello to the horses. My favorite is burying my face into their manes and breathing deeply each of their scents in, because they each have their own individual smell so you have to sniff all of them. My little red mare “Magic” takes in my breath and I hers; it sounds weird but her breath is very sweet from munching on grass and clover and I love it.

This little place of peace is simply called “the farm” to us, but in my head I have sort of dubbed it “Five Mile Creek Farm” because the property borders Five Mile Creek. This little farmette is owned by my Mother and it’s a perfect escape from “city” life (I don’t really live in a huge city, but a city of sorts). No matter what worries may be troubling me it never fails I can take a walk down the old railroad right-of-way and be encompassed with God’s love, have some quiet time or prayer time and the anxieties melt away. What I REALLY love is the amazing light that shines down on this small 13 acre farm. I love creating here and I always find new places, new light, create new photographs every time. I’m really lucky or blessed to have it. Here’s some photographs I created of some springtime moments on the farm.

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Madelynn [9 month portraits and mini lifestyle] Sept. 2016


Time to blog my niece’s 9 month session! My sister had myself and our mom over for dinner one night this past September and also did MJ’s 9 month photos. I also grabbed some family shots and some “lifestyle” pictures during dinner. It was a great evening.


Another blah overcast day but we made the best of it. We started outside in their little backyard at their apartment.




Maddie is usually full of smiles but she was feeling a little off this day. Most of the time I just got these serious faces. Haha.




We did get a couple small smiles though. She loves airplane!


This was my favorite area with the tall grass, wildflowers and goldenrod. Made for a pretty backdrop!




We grabbed the rest of the fam for some shots!




And this sweet little guy out shined everyone on this day! He is non-verbal autistic and like most has trouble with eye contact. But this session he was the most interactive he has ever been for photos, and with me period. I was super proud of Jackson this day!










And Grandma wanted one with her and all the kiddos!


Rhilyn and Jackson, so stinking adorable. P.S. Jackson is as tall as Rhilyn and he’s 1.5 yrs younger.




Everybody was getting cranky and hungry so we headed in for dinner. One of the favorite things I did with my daughter when she was a baby, was take lifestyle photos of her doing her own thing. I took the chance to grab some lifestyle shots of the kids enjoying dinner time.




While MJ ate, Rhilyn and Jackson worked on building a wall together.










Once everyone had full bellies I thought we could head back out to finish up Maddie’s photos.