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July 1st Swelter [personal post]

07-01 blog 02

The first day of July is almost over and BOY it was a hot weekend. I guess you could say summer came in with a bang. We don’t have central air in our home, (only AC units for the bedrooms) so we had to get along with old fashion fans throughout the house. It was OK though, Grandma & Grandpa Barrett opened their pool yesterday and just in time too! RDP didn’t waste ANY time trying it out. I even got in half-way because I couldn’t stand to sit there in the sun and the water was actually pleasantly warm.

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She swam for the good part of an hour, and then went inside to try to stay cool with H2O and a bologna sammich of course! You can’t keep her down for long though because soon afterward she was back outside dancing in the street (it’s one-way and very quiet… I was right there too). Grandpa was trying to listen to some oldies but Rhilyn chimmed in: “Alexa, play Boomerang by JoJo Siwa!” And away she went twirling.

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You just can’t end a 99 degree day without some ice cream though and I have developed quite a fondness for a peanut butter extreme sundae at a local ice cream stand. Rhilyn enjoys a variety and chooses different each time but I can’t bring myself to do it.

07-01 blog ice cream 0807-01 blog ice cream 08-2

She has said a number of times now that she wants to be an author & illustrator when she grows up. I kinda hope that sticks, but for now I’m really enjoying watching her creativity flow. She brings books and a pencil with her almost everywhere and I’ll never tell her no. It was so adorable watching (and listening) to her write her story on the bench at the ice cream stand.

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We pull into the drive way and I look back… she’s still writing away. . . Perhaps maybe someday we’ll be reading something of hers.



Summer Fun at the Farm [personal post]


September was so busy for me but it treated us so well. The weather was fantastic pretty much all month long and we spent a lot of time at my parents’ little farm, one of my favorite places on earth. It’s been in the family for some time now, first my Uncle, then my Grandfather bought it, and then when both grandparents passed away my Mom bought her two brothers’ share and she lives there now. It’s a little slice of serenity and I feel blessed to be able to spend time there. So here are a few photos of just another day at the farm. Above is “Teddy,” one of my mom’s kitty cats.


After a refreshing splash in the sprinkler it was time to dry off and have a little lunch at the picnic table.




A perfect facebook ‘garage sale’ find!



This was the mum my mom bought this year. It didn’t have one single bud open on it just yet so I choose to make it B&W. I kinda like how it turned out.



She really is so good to me for the amount of photos I ask to take. But there is a trade off………………………………….


If she was good for a few photos…………


She could make as many silly faces as she wanted!




Time to head across the road, down the right-a-way, which is an old railroad bed. A part of my mom’s house was the Wheeler train station of the Kanona-Prattsburgh Railroad. There’s a small building at the end of her driveway which was the ticket office, and across the road is a beautiful long pathway where the railroad used to lay and it’s so perfect for afternoon adventures.


We headed all the way down to the end of the property where there’s easy access to the creek. We made Grandpa come with us so he could help us catch some crayfish.




He caught one! This is just a still from video I took of his big catch 😉


Everytime we walk down the right-a-way we are reminded of my Grandpa, my mom’s father and Rhilyn’s middle name sake. Rhilyn Dale.








I handed my camera over to my Mom and I’m extremely thankful she’s willing to snap a few for me since I rarely have any with me in it.




Truly beautiful.



You know, just hanging around! These giant vines are so cool!


And, it’s not very often that she doesn’t find a souvenir to bring back with her. This time? A tree branch.






Tracy & Matt’s Engagement Session [October 2015]


So I’d like to introduce you all to my best friend from high school. Tracy and I first became friends back in middle school. So many years worth of memories, it’s hard to lump them all into a small blog post so I even try to do that. I was ecstatic for her when she told me about Matt. I was happy that she was happy. Can you believe that through the many years I had never done any photos for her?! Well I knew that had to change and an engagement was the perfect chance!


Between both of our schedules we choose a day in early October that turned out to be cold and blustery. These two didn’t complain one bit, it was my daughter that had that under control 😉 I didn’t have a sitter for this day and had to bring her… note to self: don’t do that again. We headed to a local park for these photos. Local people, can you believe this is Veterans Park (formerly known as James Street Park)? It has some beautiful locations, that you wouldn’t guess are there. These trees for instance do a beautiful job of framing in my equally beautiful subjects.






In this shot on the right side, there was some of that ugly orange plastic fencing way behind them. I didn’t know how easy it would be to remove it but I had to try, it was so ghastly. I am happy that I tried because I don’t think you can even notice. And the photo on the left? You can just see the joy and happiness in Tracy’s eyes, even though she’s out of focus. These two love birds!!!


A special request of the bride-to-be, we had to get some silhouette shots!





Andddddd there’s going to be another added to their family next year! How exciting?! At the time of photos, they were not yet sharing with anyone so I had to keep these under wraps, but they have since announced it so here are a couple maternity-style shots.


And Tracy had this idea and I loved it! We couldn’t find a sign that said “bump ahead” so I had to fix the wording on this sign. Love the end result of this photo!

And, one last thing… due to their wedding photographer getting unexpectedly injured, they were out of a wedding photographer. I asked my sister to tag along to the wedding and help me get some photos to help them remember their special day (since I was the Matron of Honor). So happy she said yes. Gosh, that was a month ago and I still haven’t gotten their photos to them… SORRY TRACY AND MATT! I promise they’re coming up quickly on my to-do list. But I wanted to share just a couple as a preview 🙂


Bride & Groom. Isn’t her dress ahh-ma-zingggg?!


The bridal party!

What a fun day that was! I am grateful and thankful to have been a part of it. Be watching for wedding day photos!