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New Adventures in a New Town [personal post]

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When my husband was hired by the local fire department, one of the stipulations upon hire was that he needed to maintain permanent residence in the city. At the time, he had always lived in the same town and this was his dream job so it wasn’t really a big issue living there. We got married and as time passed we both expressed how we wanted a place of our own in the country. We always escaped to family-owned land whenever we could but it wasn’t the same. Through a very trying couple of years with the department he ultimately lost his job which at the time was devastating to our family but I knew that better things were yet to come. Those times sucked but the Bible says:

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6.

We had no idea what was to come, what we would do, how we would do it, how we would be able to financially support us. My job certainly couldn’t do it alone and if it weren’t for family we would have sunk and we’re truly appreciative of that. But what I’m getting at is I knew he was out of his job for a reason but it just wasn’t clear in the beginning. 

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Fast-forward about 1.5 years and it has come full circle. We actually live in a small country home – something I really doubted I would ever say at least until he could retire. It is an 1875 charmer, with just over 1,000 sq ft of floor space. It’s quaint and humble but it has felt like home since we walked in. There’s a lot to be done. It has great bones and it’s just cosmetic stuff that needs fixin’ like flower beds, a deck out back, eventually it needs a fresh coat of stain on those adorable shaker shingles… etc.


Yesterday was our first full day in the house. I took the week off of work and I’ve been busy unpacking and arranging things. At this point I am beginning to feel slightly overwhelmed the more stuff we move in (like where the heck am I going to put all this crap)?! I thought we had purged a ton of stuff……… But I took a few moments to walk down to my Mother’s house last night (yes, our properties connect) and brought my camera along. It was a beautiful night. I can’t explain how happy it makes me to know that this is now my life and what a testament to the meaning of “be still.”

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Rhilyn really loves picking currants from her Grandma’s currant bushes.

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“Hey little buddy!”

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You guys, I couldn’t teach her this if it tried. I was dying going through these photos. Total poser.

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I think my Momma’s dog Nutmeg is equally happy as she gets dog company often now.

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Another perk of living in the countryside is of course taking a walk in the horse pasture and picking wildflowers. Look at this super sweet bouquet we made yesterday!

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I liiiiiiiiiiiiive for the light in these photos.

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Don’t they look adorable on my little farmhouse table? Now the only thing I have to do is make my macrame table runner.

I think “Fluffy Fletcher” approves of the table too.

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And a little late-night snack before bed, special request “PB&J and fluff.”

I hope you wouldn’t mind seeing more photos of our life as it unfolds because truth is I’ll probably be taking lots as I find myself very inspired over here at Five Mile Creek. If you’re still reading (thank you!!) there’s really just one message I’d like for you to take with you and that is if you’re feeling down or at a point in your life where you don’t think it could ever get worse, or that you’ll never dig out of your hole – please know that it can happen. We rely heavily on God at all points and times of our life but especially in times of despair, He will be there. It will be better on the other side you just have to keep the faith and persevere.


Springtime at the Farm [personal post]

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There is this place where all of my worries melt away; where the stress floats away from shoulders if only temporary. Take a walk down the quiet road and pause at the bridge to watch the water peacefully flow underneath. Or perhaps you’re more of a barefoot gal -like myself- who likes to take a stroll in the woods, under the cover of the foliage wholly appreciating all that nature has to offer.
… like the soft grass and moss under your toes
… like the twigs breaking under your weight
… like the birds cheerfully chirping, singing their song
… like the intoxicating scent of the wild honeysuckle
… like the honeybees buzzing around, hard at work
… like the rabbits scampering, toads hopping, turtles sinking back into the water.
If you’re really feeling adventurous you can have a go at swinging. For some reason my daughter has no trouble with it but for me it’s a game I have to play every time – to get sick or not to get sick! I’d much rather duck under the fence and go say hello to the horses. My favorite is burying my face into their manes and breathing deeply each of their scents in, because they each have their own individual smell so you have to sniff all of them. My little red mare “Magic” takes in my breath and I hers; it sounds weird but her breath is very sweet from munching on grass and clover and I love it.

This little place of peace is simply called “the farm” to us, but in my head I have sort of dubbed it “Five Mile Creek Farm” because the property borders Five Mile Creek. This little farmette is owned by my Mother and it’s a perfect escape from “city” life (I don’t really live in a huge city, but a city of sorts). No matter what worries may be troubling me it never fails I can take a walk down the old railroad right-of-way and be encompassed with God’s love, have some quiet time or prayer time and the anxieties melt away. What I REALLY love is the amazing light that shines down on this small 13 acre farm. I love creating here and I always find new places, new light, create new photographs every time. I’m really lucky or blessed to have it. Here’s some photographs I created of some springtime moments on the farm.

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3.5 Years Old {RDP – June 2016}


I’ve had to do some major overhauling on my blog this morning because I ran out of storage space. So, if you’ve been a long time reader or if you go searching through the archives, you may notice that many blog posts from the early years are now gone. I have only kept a select few before 2015. I was unable to share these lovely photos of our daughter because I couldn’t get them uploaded (until now) 😉 So moving forward, here are a few of my favorites from a little time spent with my sweetie pie down on my Mom’s land.


I really wanted to get out there and snap some shots before all of the wild phlox died. These are my favorite early summer flower… they smell so amazing and are equally pretty.





There was also some sword fighting involved on this day. Of course, it was Capt. Hook she was fighting as he had captured Tinker Bell!



And down into the creek we went, or the “waterfalls” as she calls it.



Helping hand from Grandma.


Even Octane had a cool off (and she never gets in the water)!


And this is the sunset we were able to witness… truly beautiful.